AW Marine Bootsbau Öhningen


5m Goat Island Skiff – Add a Hiking Board

Last year I built the “UnterSeeBoot” and had some nice hours riding on the edge but the longer I ride the harder it was to ignore the signals of the lower part of my body… so this year I decided to do something for my 51 ear old butt…

here it is. It’s made from 10mm marine grade ply and cedro. To initiate the forces to the hull I add two frames between bulkhead one and two and two vertikal knees below the deck at the frame positions. All joints made with epoxy. I add a peace of harder mahogany where I later glued in the oarlocks. The mod adds about 2,3kg of weight, thats worth of it (my butt’s opinion…).

Here you find a lot of photos about the process

My “Drawing”:

Preparing the boards

The board is about 150mm wide and 850mm long

Preparing Frames and Knees

Glueing and Paintwork


From now: Sailing without pain!

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